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Title Integrity is All You've Got and Seven Other Lessons of the Entrepreneurial LIfe
Author(s): Karl Eller
Date: 2004

Karl Eller, perhaps best known for creating the business of outdoor advertising and transforming it into a revenue powerhouse, presents Integrity Is All You've Got And Seven Other Lessons Of The Entrepreneurial Life - part memoir, part success guide, one hundred percent American spirit. Written in a candid, accessible tone, Integrity Is All You've Got outlines the perils to successfully getting an idea off the ground with spice, humor, and zest. An engaging success story that focuses on "Seven Lessons of Entrepreneurial Life", such as Profit from failure, Love selling and sell what you live, and Connections make your business. An enjoyable read, packed with tips, tricks, and techniques for achieving one's business dream.

Note: Dr. Feinberg is a close personal friend with Mr. Eller and worked with him extensively while he was developing the material for this book.

Title Zennovation:An East-West Approach to Business Success
Author(s): Authors: Tomio Taki and Adam Taki    Contributing Editor: Mortimer R. Feinberg, Ph.D.
Date: 1980

As an entrepreneur, manager, and problem solver, Tomio Taki has shared his advice with businesspeople ranging from managers of mom-and-pops to high-powered executives from across the globe. Zennovation showcases his breadth of life experience and illustrates how you can mesh the principles of Eastern and Western business practices as a powerful source for success.

Zennovation imparts insights won through a lifetime of growth as a leader. Taki's business and related successes are striking, having helped companies rise from the ashes of potential bankruptcy to streamlining and growing corporate giants. Learn the benefits of asking the simple questions, the importance of establishing one's credibility, and the wisdom of going against the grain. Discover the keys to getting others to see things your way, through a mixture of reason and hard negotiating tactics.

While language barriers will always exist, Taki's personal experiences illustrate how cultural differences affect communication among businesspersons most acutely. Yet, certain fundamental aspects of business and life are universal and cross latitudinal and longitudinal lines. When businesspeople seek to understand the cultures of their counterparts, they will discover lasting success with their global business relationships.

The breadth of Tomio Taki's understandings and exposure to a dazzling panoply of cultures and industries has produced a treasure trove of life lessons that anyone can apply to their own journey as an entrepreneur, manager, or simply an individual.

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