Summary of Website Features

Feinberg Legacy Slideshow

This website is to honor Dr. Mortimer R. Feinberg, one of America's greatest leadership and team-building coaches.  Over the past several decades Dr. Feinberg has advised and coached executives across many industries to help them and their teams achieve their full potential.  The goal of this website is to capture some of his teachings, insight, and historical contributions.  The structure for this website can be accessed with the navigation menu above and is organized as follows:

  • Biography: An online collection of biographies composed for Dr. Feinberg and some articles that were published about him.
  • Gallery: A collection of some of the more interesting pictures and graphics from Dr. Feinberg's illustrious career.
  • Publications: An on-line compendium of books, articles, and presentations authored or co-authored by Dr. Feinberg. These were obtained and scanned with the author's permission.
  • Insights Library: Collection of Feinberg Legacy materials organized and stored in Sliwa's Insights website in a searchable and linkable form.

(c) 2021 - Website Developed by Steve Sliwa with the Permission of Dr. Mortimer R. Feinberg